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Diamond embroidery accessories

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- A GREAT PLEASURE FOR EVERYONE - diamond embroidery accessories to have fun with the whole family and friends at the same time, an excellent way to spend free time. Thanks to it, everyone can relax and forget about everyday problems. - POSSIBILITY OF PRECISE PAINTING OF IMAGES - the diamond embroidery kit is an extremely practical accessory, containing, among other things, a roller for pressing the diamonds, which presses them perfectly while helping to stick them and level the surface they are covered with. - EASE OF MAINTAINING ORDER - the diamond DIY kit includes, among other things, a tool bag, diamond organizer, and stickers to label them on the organizer, with which you can easily maintain order and carefully separate the individual elements of the set. - MANY ITEMS INCLUDED - The diamond embroidery kit includes many elements that make diamond image collage much more convenient and practical. The kit includes accessories such as 4 "pens", diamond organizer, roller press, tweezers, glue, tool bag, 3 cups, and stickers to label the diamonds on the organizer. - SPECIFICATION - organizer dimensions: 17.5 / 10.5 / 2.5 cm; bag dimensions: 17.5 / 24cm; pen dimensions: 13 / 2.5cm; combat dimension: 11.3 / 5cm; litter box dimensions: 11/8cm; set weight: 0.280kg; overall: 4 "pens", diamond organizer, roller press, tweezers, glue, tool bag, 3 cups, stickers to label the diamonds on the organizer, easy to keep in order and separate.

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